A Complete Dye Guide

Last Updated: February 4th, 2014 [ Patch 2.1 ]
Unlocking Dye
Quest Guide
Unlocking Dye Quest Guide


  • Level 15+
  • Orange Juice

Start NPC:

  • Swyrgeim (Western Thanalan > Vesper Bay)

Prep Work

Before running out to Swyrgeim, you'll need to pick up a carton of orange juice. You can either buy this from Katherine in Ul'dah - Steps of Thal > Sapphire Avenue Exchange, or craft it from level 6 cooking using three La Noscean Oranges, a fire shard, and a water shard.

The Quest

Once you have an orange juice in hand, head over to Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan and find Swyrgeim. She will offer you the quest “Color Your World”, which will require you to turn over your orange juice in exchange for ability to use dye.

Finding More Dye
Dye Guide
Finding More Dye

At this point, you're not limited to just the dye rewarded from the quest. The dye vendors located at the following locations provide a much wider range of choices.

  • Nanabe (Ul'dah - Steps of Thal)
  • Unsynrael (Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks)
  • Alaric (Old Gridania)

In addition to these vendors, all crafters can synth additional colors at Lv. 30. These colors include:

  • Royal Blue Dye
  • Abyssal Blue Dye
  • Honey Yellow Dye
  • Hunter Green Dye
  • Sahagin Blue Dye
  • Pumpkin Orange Dye
  • Loam Brown Dye
  • Lotus Pink Dye
  • Regal Purple Dye
  • Snow White Dye
  • Soot Black Dye

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