Amdapor Keep Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: February 27th, 2014 [ Patch 2.1 ]
Amdapor Keep
Overview & Summary
Amdapor Keep Dungeon Guide

Dungeon Info

Level Location Size Time Limit
50 South Shroud 4 Players 120 Minutes

In order to enter Amdapor Keep, complete the quest "Ghosts of Amdapor" from Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay after finishing The Aurum Vale.

Dungeon Maps

Amdapor Keep Dungeon Map #1Amdapor Keep Dungeon Map #2Amdapor Keep Dungeon Map #3

Amdapor Keep is hardest Light Party dungeon in the game, having both heavy tank damage and a DPS check. If you are a fresh 50, I recommend you grab some 48+ accessories off the marketplace, running The Wander's Palace a few times, and either buy the Base Relic weapon or try to snag Ifrit's weapon before attempting this dungeon in the Duty Finder.

Clearing this dungeon will reward 100 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy and 40 Allagan Tomestomes of Mythology.


  • Dodge Iron Justice, a large frontal cone, while fighting Dullahan.
  • Focus fire whichever Lunatic Follower attempts to cast Void Call and interrupt it often. It will summon a demon if it goes off.
  • After Psycheflayer, there will be statues that come alive. Use caution to avoid getting multiple pulls.
  • After Demon Wall, Succubus will cast Void Fira on a random player even when not engaged. Focus them down and interrupt them when you are fighting one.


  • Move behind the boss to cancel Void Thunder III if needed.
  • Heal through Mind Melt and remove the disease debuff which is placed on a random player by Canker.
  • Move out of the Stone Marionette's frontal column, Rockslide and interrupt Marble Marionette's ability, Obliterate. Kill both of these quickly.
  • Tank near the lamp on the right wall. This will allow you to be out of the extremely large AoE that occurs below 50% health.

Demon Wall

  • This boss follows an exact pattern: Middle Liquefy > Edge Liquefy > Middle Liquefy > Edge Liquefy > Repel (Be in the middle).
  • After the second Repel, a black pool will spawn in the back of the room and two adds will spawn.
  • If available, melee limit break one add and try to interrupt the other add's ability, Thunderstorm, while killing it. It inflicts paralysis if you do not avoid it.
  • The pattern never stops. Don't forget to dance while killing adds.


  • Tank the boss either near the entrance of the room, facing the middle, or in the back right corner if you have melee DPS.
  • Avoid getting hit with Tail Drive, which is triggered by standing behind the boss.
  • The healer should remove disease inflicted by Rotten Breath before healing the tank, as it reduces healing taken.
  • Imminent Catastrophe is used every minute. Hide behind a statue to line-of-sight the large, red orb in the middle of the room.
  • After each Catastrophe, kill the statue that comes alive while dodging Terror Eye.
  • After the second Catastrophe, Anantaboga will start placing a thin, purple line on a random player. Move away from the group to drop a small orb which will deal damage to nearby targets.
Boss Guide
Psycheflayer Boss Guide - Amdapor Keep

Boss Abilities:

Psycheflayer's Abilities:

  • Water - A spellcast which deals ~500 damage.
  • Void Thunder III - A spellcast which deals ~2300 damage.
  • Mind Melt - (Instant) A blast of energy which deals 800 damage to all nearby targets.
  • Canker - A spellcast which inflicts Disease (Healing and Movement Speed reduction) on a random target.

Lunatic Priest's Abilities:

  • Thunder - A spellcast which deals ~300 damage.
  • Void Fire III - A spellcast which deals ~600 damage in an area around a random target.
  • Void Fire II - A spellcast which deals ~1200 damage to all targets in the ground indicator.
  • Void Call - Summons Psycheflayer. Used at 50% health.

Stone Marionette's Abilities:

  • Rockslide - A frontal column which deals ~1800 damage.

Marble Marionette's Abilties:

  • Obliterate - A spellcast which deals ~1000 damage to all nearby targets.

Megalith Marionette's Abilities:

  • Plaincracker - A huge circular AoE around the Megalith Marionette, dealing 5000+ damage.

This encounter will begin with just the Lunatic Priest. Everyone should spread out and dodge the ground indicator for Void Fire II. At 50%, the priest will run near the middle of the room and cast Void Call, summoning Psycheflayer. Finish off the priest while the tank picks it up. You should position this boss over to the right side of the room, near the lantern.

The boss itself will only use three abilities which you need to be aware of. Void Thunder III is its main burst damage. However, the tank can actually move behind Psycheflayer during the cast and cause it to cancel. This is useful if the damage from other abilities starts to stack up and the healer is falling behind. Psycheflayer will also use Mind Melt, which will deal damage to the entire party. Finally, it will cast Canker, placing Disease on a random player. This should be removed, as it snares the player and reduces healing taken.

In addition to those abilities, Psycheflayer will also alternate between reviving two adds, the Stone Marionette and the Marble Marionette. Both of these should be picked up by the tank and killed quickly. While the Stone Marionette is alive, the group will need to dodge Rockslide, a frontal column. While the Marble Marionette is alive, either the tank or a DPS should interrupt the Obliterate ability.

At 50% HP, Psycheflayer will revive a Megalith Marionette at the far end of the room. This enemy does not attack anyone and will walk slowly through the area, occasionally casting Plaincracker. This is where positioning near the lamp comes into play. If everyone hugs the right wall, you'll only have to move a little to avoid Plaincracker. Ignore the Megalith Marionette and continue killing Psycheflayer and it'll drop soon.

This boss drops 20 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.

Demon Wall
Boss Guide
Demon Wall Boss Guide - Amdapor Keep

Boss Abilities:

Demon Wall's Abilities:

  • Murder Hole - (Instant) A ranged attack which deals ~300-400 damage around a random target.
  • Liquefy - Places a black column either down the middle (inflicting heavy) or down the sides (inflicting slow) and dealing ~1000-1200 damage.
  • Repel - Knocks all targets back and deals ~700 damage.

Bloodlapper's Abilities:

  • Thunderstorm - A circular AoE around the Bloodlapper which deals ~300 damage and inflicts paralysis.

While Demon Wall is lacking in abilities, it makes up for it by being quite unforgiving. Being in the wrong place for Repel will push you off a cliff, instantly killing you. Luckily, Demon Wall will always follow the same pattern. It will cast Liquefy down the middle of the walkway, then down the sides, then in the middle again, and finally down the sides one last time. At this point, Demon Wall will cast Repel. This pattern will continue until the boss is killed.

To avoid being knocked off the platform, it is extremely important to be near the middle of the walkway when Repel is cast. I also found being too close to the boss sometimes will send you off at odd angles. If repel doesn't seem to knock you back, I recommend staying in the middle for a few seconds. Sometimes the effect gets delayed for a few seconds.

After the second Repel, a black pool will appear near the back of the platform, greatly reducing the available space. This will inflict heavy and deal ~400 damage a tick to anyone standing in it.

In addition to the pool, two Bloodlappers will spawn in front of the Demon Wall. Ideally, use a melee limit break on one of them and kill the other quickly. These will use Thunderstorm, which will fill most of the available platform and paralyze anyone caught in it. Stun the cast if possible and don't forget to keep dancing.

Remember: Middle Liquefy > Edge Liquefy > Middle Liquefy > Edge Liquefy > Repel (Be in the middle).

This boss drops 30 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.

Boss Guide
Anantaboga Boss Guide - Amdapor Keep

Boss Abilities:

Anantaboga's Abilities:

  • Look - (Instant) Deals 800 damage to the current target.
  • Tail Drive - A rear cone which deals ~1900 damage and inflicts Concussion (DoT). Only triggered when a player is behind Anantaboga.
  • Rotten Breath - A frontal breath which deals ~2000 damage and inflicts Disease (Healing and Movement Speed reduction).
  • Imminent Catastrophe - A long cast, during which a red orb will appear in the middle of the room. Deals heavy damage to all targets in line-of-sight of the orb. This appears to increase in damage each time it is used.
  • Plague Dance - A purple beam will target a random player. A few seconds later, a small red orb will be placed at the players location, which will pulse damage to all nearby targets for an extended period of time.

Dark Helot's Abilities:

  • Terror Eye - A cast which deals ~2000 damage to all targets within the ground indicator placed under a random player

There are two locations you tank this boss. The first is the entrance of the room, which should only be used if you only have ranged DPS. To pull to this position, have most of the party move to the right, then pull the boss straight forward to the entrance before rotating it so that the tail never faces the party. This prevents Tail Drive from ever being an issue. If you have melee DPS, you can also choose to tank him in the back right corner. This allows the tank to avoid moving for Imminent Catastrophe, as well as the melee DPS to still be able to hit Anantaboga during it. The downside to this position is it greatly limits the amount of room you have.

Other than Tail Drive, Anantaboga will use Rotten Breath on the tank, which will deal heavy damage and inflict Disease, reducing healing taken. Unless the tanks health is critical, remove the disease before healing them. Melee DPS should attack from the side to dodge both Tail Drive and Rotten Breath.

Roughly every minute during the fight, the ability Imminent Catastrophe will be used. This will create a large, red orb in the middle of the room during the cast. You will need to hide behind one of the statues to avoid a large burst of damage. Make sure you line-of-sight the red orb, not the boss. If you are tanking in the back corner, the tank does not need to move.

To make this slightly more complicated, each Imminent Catasrophe will awaken one of the statues. These do not need to be tanked and should be burned down quickly by the DPS. While these are alive, make sure you dodge Terror Eye. These will awaken in the same order every pull. From the entrance to the room, the order is the back-left, the front-right, the front-left, and finally the back-right.

After the second Imminent Catastrophe, Anantaboga will begin to use Plague Dance and target a random player with a purple beam. After a few seconds, the beam will fade and a red orb will appear at that players location, dealing damage to all nearby targets. As soon as you are targeted with a purple beam, run to a corner or side of the room. Do not place these orbs near the statue that the group is using to line-of-sight Catastrophe. These balls will vanish after Imminent Catastrophe is cast.

This boss drops 50 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy and 40 Allagan Tomestones of Mythology.

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