Brayflox's Longstop Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: February 27th, 2014 [ Patch 2.1 ]
Brayflox's Longstop
Overview & Summary
Brayflox's Longstop Dungeon Guide

Dungeon Info

Level Location Size Time Limit
32 Eastern La Noscea 4 Players 90 Minutes

In order to enter Brayflox Longstop, progress the main storyline up to the quest "The Things We Do for Cheese."

Dungeon Maps

Brayflox's Longstop Dungeon Map #1

You will encounter friendly goblins under attack between the first and second bosses. Do not approach them unless the tank is prepared to quickly get all the enemies off the goblin. There are a total of four goblins who need, and for each one you save, they reward you with a treasure coffer.

The goblin on the hill just before the Inferno Drake is particularly hard because the enemies will start attacking him while you are still at the bottom of the cliff. Stay as far from the cliff as possible when you reach this part, and rush up for the best chance at saving him.

Great Yellow Pelican

  • Kill the adds as quickly as possible. I recommend spamming the tank with heals and to not attempt to remove the poison. Heavy Damage fight.
  • The tank should move out of Numbing Breath.
  • If a Blue Back spawns, it should be killed quickly to avoid Petribreath.

Saving the Goblins

  • Defend each of the four goblins for a coffer reward from each.
  • The goblin up the ramp can be triggered early by getting too close to the bottom of the cliff. Try to hug left at this point until you're ready to sprint up.

Inferno Drake

  • Face both the boss and the add away from the group, as both have a frontal attack. Kill the add quickly.


  • Everyone should spread out to avoid splash damage.
  • Move out of Eerie Light and Stagnant Spray. (Both are hard to see under the water)
  • Kill the bubbles that surround a random party member. You can attack your own if you're inside one.


  • Face the boss away from the group and side-step the breath attack.
  • Remove the Poison +1 as frequently as you can to avoid it stacking up.
  • Stay spread out to avoid Toxic Vomit from hitting multiple players.
  • Move the boss out of the green pools on the ground. These will heal the boss.
Great Yellow Pelican
Boss Guide
Great Yellow Pelican Boss Guide - Brayflox's Longstop

Boss Abilities:

Great Yellow Pelican's Abilities:

  • Numbing Breath - A frontal cone which inflicts paralysis debuff.
  • Hammer Beak - (Instant) A melee attack which deals ~300 damage.

Violet Back's Abilities:

  • Poison Breath - (Instant) A frontal cone which inflicts the poison debuff.

Sable Back's Abilities:

  • Slumber Breath - (Instant) A frontal cone which inflicts the sleep debuff.

Blue Back's Abilities:

  • Petribreath - (Instant) A frontal cone which inflicts the petrification debuff.

This encounter starts with the Pelican, as well as three Violet Backs active. All of these enemies can inflict poison, but I recommend healing through it rather trying to remove it, as damage comes in quickly while the adds are up. During the fight, these will respawn as either Violet, Blue, or Sable Backs. If you get a Blue Back, kill it as quickly as possible to avoid Petrification on your tank, then finish off the other adds.

The Great Yellow Pelican also uses a frontal cone called Numbing Breath. It's best if the tank avoids it, but remove paralysis with Esuna if it does land.

Inferno Drake
Boss Guide
Inferno Drake Boss Guide - Brayflox's Longstop

Boss Abilities:

Inferno Drake's Abilities:

Tempest Biast's Abilities:

  • Levinshower - (Instant) Frontal breath which deals ~600-900 damage.
  • Levinfang - (Instant) Physical damage dealt to the Tempest Biast's current target.

The Inferno Drake uses Burning Cyclone, which is an extremely damaging frontal breath which has no cast time. Always try to face the Inferno Drake away from the group.

Of course, it can't be that easy. Shortly after the encounter begins, a friendly goblin named Brayflox Alltalks will run in with a Tempest Biast chasing him. The tank should pick up the Tempest Biast and it should be dispatched quickly by the DPS. The tank will take quite a bit of damage while both of these enemies are up. Levinshower and Burning Cyclone landing at the same time can drop over half of your tanks health. Once it is down, the goblin will join you in fighting the Inferno Drake.

He is, however, not the most considerate DPS there is. He will occasionally get aggro and run towards a random party member. Either use provoke to get him back on the tank, or that party member should make sure he faces the boss away so only one person is hit by the breath. To make sure he never gets a party invite again, he also will try to throw a bomb at the Inferno Drake, which will end up dealing light AoE damage to the entire group.

Boss Guide
Hellbender Boss Guide - Brayflox's Longstop

Boss Abilities:

Hellbender's Abilities:

  • Bog Bubble - (Instant) Targets a random party member, dealing ~300-400 damage to the target and any player nearby within a small radius.
  • Eerie Light - A circular AoE that inflicts Magic Vulnerability Up. This ground effect is hard to see below the water, so be careful.
  • Stagnant Spray - A blast of water on the tank, which deals ~600 damage.
  • Effluvium - (Instant) This places a Queer Bubble around a random party member, which places the debuffs Bind, Mana Modulation, Physical Attack Down, and Dropsy (A potent DoT) on the target. These are removed when the bubble is killed.

Everyone should spread out slightly, as Hellbender will choose a player at random to attack with Bog Bubble, which will deal splash damage to anyone nearby. In addition to that, it will use Eerie Light, a circular AoE that inflicts increased magic damage taken, and Stagnant Spray, a frontal cone that deals a large chunk of damage. The ground indicator for Stagnant Spray is difficult to see, so pay close attention.

Finally, Hellbender will cast Effluvium, which places an attackable bubble around a random player. DPS should be quick to switch targets and kill it quickly to free the player. Even if you are trapped in a bubble, you can still attack it yourself.

Around 10% HP, you'll meet the final boss of the dungeon when he swoops down, finishing off the Hellbender for you. Face him away from the group, and he'll fly off after a bit of damage.

Boss Guide
Aiatar Boss Guide - Brayflox's Longstop

Boss Abilities:

Aiatar's Abilities:

  • Dragon Breath - A frontal column breath, dealing ~900 damage and inflicting Poison +1.
  • Salivous Snap - (Instant) A melee attack on the current target, dealing ~600-700 damage and inflicting Poison +1.
  • Toxic Vomit - (Instant) A ranged attack on a random party member. Deals ~300-400 damage, inflicts Poison +1, and places a poison pool under the player.
  • Granite Rain - (Instant) Deals ~300 damage to targets around Aiatar. This can actually be avoided by ranged classes by standing near max range.

Most of Alatar's abilities inflict Poison +1, which will continue stacking for higher damage. It is important to dodge as many abilities as possible, with the healer removing the debuff when it is inflicted from unavoidable abilities.

As far as avoidable abilities go, Aiatar will use a frontal ability called Dragon Breath, which the tank can easily side-step. The unavoidable abilities include Salivous Snap, a melee attack used frequently on the tank, and Toxic Vomit, a poison projectile used on a random player.

While the target of Toxic Vomit cannot avoid the poison debuff, it is an AoE and will hit nearby players as well. Try to stay losely spread out to avoid it. The Toxic Vomit also leaves a green puddle on the ground. This puddle will heal Aiatar if he stands in it, so the tank should move along the walls to make the most of the space in the room.

You should also try to avoid standing directly on his tail. He will tail whip you, knocking you back and dealing some damage.

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