Copperbell Mines (Hard) Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: February 4th, 2014 [ Patch 2.1 ]
Copperbell Mines (Hard)
Overview & Summary
Copperbell Mines (Hard) Dungeon Guide

Dungeon Info

Level Location Size Time Limit
50 Western Thanalan 4 Players 90 Minutes

Copperbell Mines (Hard) requires you to have completed to main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon" and have an ilvl of 48+.  It is unlocked by completing the quest "Out of Sight, Out of Mine" from Hugubert @ X22, Y8 Mor Dhona.


  • All of the melee Gigas have a frontal cone to avoid.
  • Before the first boss, there is a series of a Collapsed Rocks. Three spriggan adds will attack from behind as you fight the first one, and three more come either from the front or behind each time a pile of collapsed rocks is killed.
  • After the first boss, you must defend a group of miners while gigas and bombs attack. Focus down the bombs quickly. The adds seem to spawn based on the Collapsed Rock's health, so slow DPS on it if you're getting overwhelmed.

Hecatoncheir Mastermind

  • Tank: Face the boss away from the group.
  • The Mining Dross (Slimes) will poison the tank. These can be AoE'ed down easily.
  • The boss will cast Darkfire near the start of the fight and every 45-60 seconds afterwards. This lights the bridge on fire, forcing you to move down further. It will cast Darkfire more frequently if you attempt to pull the boss too far from the burning section.
  • Each time Darkfire is used, a bomb will spawn at the end of the bridge and start to move towards the fire. The DPS must kill it quickly to avoid Self-Destruct killing everyone.
  • After the second Darkfire, two gigas will also spawn.


  • Tank: After the first bomb hits Gogmagolem, it will run back and forth through the room by itself. During this time, it will use a long frontal attack in your direction. Always aim this away from the group by staying on the right side of the room.
  • Everyone else should spread out somewhere on the left side of the room so the Kindling Fire AoE only hits a single person.
  • One DPS should focus on killing all of the Kindling Sprites that spawn around the edges of the room.
  • The other DPS should focus on clicking on the Improved Blasting Device to spawn a Waymaker Bomb somewhere in the room. That DPS should pick up the bomb and, when it is going to explode in 5 seconds, drop it in the path of the boss. This is the main way to damage the boss. The tank can stun the boss on the bomb to make sure it lands.
  • Black bombs will also spawn near the Blasting Device and the center of the room. These will Self-Destruct, so move away quickly.
  • Once the Golem dies, finish Biggy off while moving away from the very large bombs. These will Self-Destruct, hitting roughly half of the room.


  • Tank: Either position the boss in the middle of the sand, or move around the edge of the sand so you're always near a Crystallized Rock. Face the boss away from the group.
  • If you choose to tank in the sand, everyone should be careful not to run on top of the burrowed worm. It can quickly kill you.
  • Avoid Mercurial Strike (Knock Back), a circular AoE around the boss, and Power Attack (Heavy), a ranged circular AoE on a random player.
  • Gigas adds will spawn occasionally in the front, left corner of the room. These will focus on a target and cannot be tanked.
  • When the emote "The abyss worm is searching for fodder" appears, a DPS or healer should pick up a nearby Crystallized Rock and drop it somewhere in the sand. Move away to avoid taking any damage from the Sand Worm.
  • If the Crystallized Rock is dropped anywhere except the sand, it will explode and deal ~2000 damage to all nearby players. This prevents you from moving them all to one side.
  • If ~20 seconds pass after the emote without feeding the worm, it will cast Bottomless Desert, pulling all players to the middle of the sand and dealing ~2800 damage.

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