Dzemael Darkhold Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: February 27th, 2014 [ Patch 2.1 ]
Dzemael Darkhold
Overview & Summary
Dzemael Darkhold Dungeon Guide

Dungeon Info

Level Location Size Time Limit
44 Coerthas Central Highlands 4 Players 90 Minutes

In order to enter Dzemael Darkhold, accept the quest from Carrilaut near the Observatorium. This dungeon can also be unlocked by accepting the quest Shadows Uncast from your Grand Company HQ if you are at least a Sergeant First Class. This is required to rank up past a certain point, so I recommend picking it up as well.

Dungeon Maps

Dzemael Darkhold Dungeon Map #1Dzemael Darkhold Dungeon Map #2

Near the start of Dzemael Darkhold, you will encounter an All-seeing Eye which will ignore you and fly through the tunnel. It will stop occasionally to cast Eyes on Me, dealing ~1000 damage in a pink blast around it. In the hallway, you will also find crystals with a purple ground effect around them. This ground effect will greatly lower the damage Eyes on Me deals, so try to fight the trash in these circles.

You will also find blue glowing Magitek Terminals. Stepping into one of these will trigger the emote "Magitek terminal begins counting down." After standing in it for a short period of time, a nearby door will open. If you step out of the Magitek Terminal, the countdown will reset.

After the first boss, the hallways will have orange crystals with ground indicators around them exploding every few seconds. Standing in these will deal ~1000-1200 damage, so try to avoid fighting near them. You will sometimes find Magitek terminals located inside the blast radius of the orange crystals. I recommend waiting until the trash is dead, then healing the tank while they activate the terminal.

Clearing this dungeon will reward 30 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.


  • In the hallway before the 2nd boss, line of sight Forsaken Souls to pull them away from exploding crystals.
  • Avoid the abilities from Diamond-Toothed Hedgemoles (Spine Stream - Frontal Column) and Bone Nix (Labored Leap - Circular AoE).

All-Seeing Eye

  • Dodge Cursed Gaze, Dread Gaze, and Condemnation.
  • Always try to stand in the purple circles near the crystals. When one starts to fade, move to the newly spawned circle. This greatly reduces Eyes on Me damage.
  • Face the adds away from the group.


  • The tank should dodge Double Smash, which is used frequently, as well as Elbow Drop.
  • The unattackable adds on the cliff will switch between barraging the group with Firewater, a circular ground indicator on random players, and Boulderdash, an unavoidable rock throw. Dodge Firewater and heal through Boulderdash.


  • Face the boss away. Damage on random members will be taken from Grim Cleaver (Random Target) and Grim Halo (AoE around Batraal).
  • When Batraal links to a crystal with a purple beam, wait for a target to be selected. As long as you aren't selected, focus on killing the crystal. If you are targeted, do not stand between the group and Batraal. Desolation has huge range.
  • After the 3rd crystal, Bastraal will start using Desolation anytime and will place black pools below three players. Move out of these pools. They will act like landmines, exploding when stepped on.
All-Seeing Eye
Boss Guide
All-Seeing Eye Boss Guide - Dzemael Darkhold

Boss Abilities:

All-Seeing Eye's Abilities:

  • Cursed Gaze - A frontal cone which inflicts Amnesia.
  • Dread Gaze - A frontal cone which inflicts Paralysis.
  • Eyes on Me - (Instant) Deals ~1000 damage to all targets near the All-Seeing Eye.

Mouche Volante's Abilities:

  • Thunderstrike - A frontal (no ground indicator) which deals ~100 damage.

Amanuensis' Abilities:

My group decided to play like all-stars and didn't get hit by Condemnation or Dread Gaze this entire fight. Based on past experience, I listed Dread Gaze as inflicting paralysis. I'll try to get another run of this dungeon in to be 100% certain.

The main mechanic on this boss is the same as when you encounter the All-Seeing Eye during the trash. Stand in the glowing purple circle which is located near a patch of crystals to reduce the damage taken from Eyes on Me. To make this task more difficult, the circle will switch to random crystals around the room after roughly two Eyes on Me are cast. You will know you need to switch soon when you see the emote "The power of the crystal begins to dim."

As soon as you see a new purple patch spawn around a crystal, move to it immediately. While you will have the buff Crystal Veil from the circles most of the time, there will be occasions that you will need to be running through the room to a new circle when Eyes on Me is cast. This is really the only time in the fight the party will take any significant damage.

While staying in the circles as much as possible, the tank should try to avoid the abilities Dread Gaze and Cursed Gaze. There will also be two types of adds that spawn: Mouche Volante and Amanuensis. The Mouche Volante have a frontal that deals very little damage, but should still be picked up and faced away. The Amanuensis have a frontal cone called Condemnation. We didn't actually get hit by this, so I'm not sure how hard it hits. Regardless, if it's like the Tam-Tara demons, it will deal fairly high damage, so avoid it as much as possible.

This boss drops 3 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.

Boss Guide
Taulurd Boss Guide - Dzemael Darkhold

Boss Abilities:

Taulurd's Abilities:

  • Double Smash - A frontal cone which deals ~1200-1400 damage.
  • Straight Punch - (Instant) A melee strike which deals ~300 damage.
  • Elbow Drop - A frontal cone.
  • Hot Hands - (Instant) Unknown.

Deepvoid Slave's Abilities:

  • Firewater - A circular AoE targetd on random players.
  • Boulderdash - (Instant) A ranged boulder toss, dealing ~500-600 damage to a random player.

Taulurd himself is mainly a tank fight. He uses Double Smash very frequently, so you will be dodging a lot. Elbow drop, another frontal, is also used. While we didn't get by it, I expect it deals damage and stuns the target. I also saw him use Hot Hands, but I was not able to determine what it did. My best guess is it increases his damage done for a period of time.

The rest of the party will have to deal with the Deepvoid Slave's attacks. These enemies will stand on the ledge above the group and remain untargetable. They switch between two phases. In one, they spam Firewater, constantly placing circular ground indicators under the players. In this phase, spread out to minimize damage taken and dodge as much as possible. In the other, they will use Boulderdash, throwing unavoidable rocks at the party. You will just need to heal through this phase.

This boss drops 7 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.

Boss Guide
Batraal Boss Guide - Dzemael Darkhold

Boss Abilities:

Batraal's Abilities:

  • Grim Fate - (Instant) A frontal attack, dealing ~1200 damage.
  • Grim Cleaver - (Instant) A ranged strike which deals 500-800 damage to a random player.
  • Grim Halo - (Instant) Batraal twirls his weapons, dealing ~700-1000 damage to nearby targets.
  • Desolation - A long-ranged frontal column which deals 2400+ damage.
  • Hellssend - Sends Bastraal into a fury, unlocking the ability Sea of Pitch and allowing him to use Desolation anytime.
  • Sea of Pitch - "Batraal spews void pitch at his feet," placing black pools on the ground below three players which explodes when stepped on, dealing ~1100 damage.

Bastraal is a heavy tank damage encounter, with random damage on the party to distract the healer. He will use Grim Fate on the tank frequently. This is a frontal, so face him away from the group. He will also use Grim Cleaver, which will hit a random target for ~500-800 damage, as well as Grim Halo, an AoE centered around Batraal. These abilities will be more than enough to keep the healer busy for the entire fight.

Three times throughout the fight, Batraal will have a thin, purple beam appear between him and a crystal. This will root him in place and prevent him from using most of his abilities, but will grant him access to Desolation. Batraal will emote "Batraal chooses his next victim," followed by marking a player with a small crosshair and firing Desolation at that player three times in quick succession. This ability will instantly kill you if you are hit, so you need to be ready to dodge. While this is happening, the crystal that he is connected to needs to be killed.

If you are melee, I recommend waiting for him to select a target before running to attack the crystal, as it is easy to hit the entire group with Desolation in the confined space. As a healer, I always moved to the opposite side of the boss so I would shoot Desolation in the opposite direction if he selected me. If the crystal is still up after three desolations, he will emote again and repeat the process until the crystal has died. The active crystal will always follow the same pattern. First, the crystal in the back left tunnel will activate, then the front left crystal, and finally the back right crystal.

After the third crystal has been killed, he will cast Hellssend, unlocking the ability Sea of Pitch and allowing him to cast Desolation at anytime. Sea of Pitch will place black pools under three random players. Move out of them quickly, and do not move back into them. I recommend dragging him all the way up to a wall. This will give the party as much room as possible to manneuver to dodge Desolation and to spread out the Sea of Pitch pools.

This boss drops 20 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.

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