Gearing Up At 70 in Stormblood

Last Updated: July 21st, 2017 [ Patch 4.05 ]
Gearing Up Summary
Stormblood Gearing Guide

Here is a quick summary of the gearing guide. There is a more detailed guide located below.

Special Note: iLvl 320 Crafted Gear

The crafted gear is quite nice for bypassing a large portion of the gearing up. The HQ pieces also have the same stats as the Deltascape pieces, but can be overmelded. If you max overmeld each piece, you can get up to 840 of any secondary stat of your choice. This likely makes these pieces better than the iLvl 330 Creation armor, but only if you're willing to spend the enormous amount of gil it takes to fully overmeld.

Due to the expense of the armor, I have chosen to ignore it for this guide. However, it is always an option if gil is not an issue.

Fresh 70

  • Aquire iLvl 290 Artifact Armor from Lv. 70 Class Quest
  • Finish Main Scenario and unlock Kugane Castle & The Temple of the Fist
  • Run the Expert Roulette, Level 50/60 Roulette, and Leveling Roulette daily for Tomestones of Verity and Tomestones of Creation.
  • Reach iLvl 295 through Tomestone of Verity Accessories and Expert Dungeon drops.
  • Save up 825 Tomestones of Creation to buy the chest armor.

iLvl 295

  • Unlock Deltascape. To finish Deltascape gear in 3 weeks, follow this priority:
    • Deltascape V1.0: Aim for 1 of each - Pedal, Bolt, Chain
    • Deltascape V2.0: Aim for 1 Pedal & 2 Lens
    • Deltascape V3.0: Aim for 1 Crank & 2 Springs
    • Deltascape V4.0: Aim for 1 Crank & 2 Springs
  • Following this, you will end with Head, Hands, Belt, Legs, Feet, & Accessory x1
  • Do not roll on the shaft from V4.0. Instead, save up Tomestones of Creation to buy that chest.

iLvl 310+

  • iLvl 310+ Recommended :: Unlock Lakshmi EX & Farm iLvl 320 Accessories
  • iLvl 310+ Recommended :: Unlock Susano EX & Farm iLvl 320 Weapons
  • iLvl 320+ Recommended :: Head into Deltascape Savage

As more content comes out, I will do my best to keep this updated!

Materia VI Sources
Stormblood Gear Guide
Stormblood Gearing Guide

With all the materia slots in the new gear, materia has become quite valuable. Luckily, there are quite a few methods of aquiring the new Materia VI that do not involve forking over hundreds of thousands of gil to the market board.

  • Low Drop Chance from trash in Expert Roulette Dungeons
  • 400 Centurio Seals from Hunts
  • Leveling Roulette: Adventurer in Need (Cracked Cluster)
  • Wondrous Tails Reward (Cracked Cluster)
  • Drop in The Lost Canals of Uznair, which can be occasionally accessed by completing Gazelleskin Treasure Maps. These maps can be aquired through Wondrous Tails, via gathering classes, or purchased on the Market Board.

The Hunt Vendor, Leuekin, can be located in Rhalgr's Reach @ X:13.1 Y:11.7.

The Cracked Clusters can be redeemed for Materia VI at Switchstix in Rhalgr's Reach @ X:12.5 Y:11.3.

Gear Sources
Stormblood Gear Guide
Stormblood Gearing Guide

I will keep this updated as a quick reference for all available gear sources.

iLvl 300 Equipment

  • Dungeon: Ala Mhigo
  • Dungeon: Kugane Castle
  • Dungeon: The Temple of the Fist

iLvl 310 Equipment

  • Weapons: 500 Tomestones of Verity
  • Head / Hands / Feet: 245 Tomestones of Verity
  • Chest / Legs: 410 Tomestones of Verity
  • Belt / Accessories: 180 Tomestones of Verity

iLvl 320 Equipment

  • Crafted (All Slots)
  • Trial: Susano EX (Weapons)
  • Trial: Lakshmi EX (Accessories)
  • Raid: Deltascape V1.0 (Accessories, Feet, Belt)
  • Raid: Deltascape V2.0 (Accessories, Feet, Head)
  • Raid: Deltascape V3.0 (Head, Legs, Hands)
  • Raid: Deltascape V4.0 (Legs, Hands, Chest)

iLvl 330 Equipment

  • Weapons: 1000 Tomestones of Creation & 7 Deltascape Crystalloids
    • Note: You receive 1 Deltascape Crystalloid per week from V4.0, so this weapon takes 7 weeks minimum.
  • Head / Hands / Feet: 495 Tomestones of Creation
  • Chest / Legs: 825 Tomestones of Creation
  • Belt / Accessories: 375 Tomestones of Creation

iLvl 340 Equipment

  • Raid: Deltascape V1.0 Savage (Accessories, Belt)
  • Raid: Deltascape V2.0 Savage (Head, Hands, Boots)
  • Raid: Deltascape V3.0 Savage (Legs)
  • Raid: Deltascape V4.0 Savage (Chest)

iLvl 345 Equipment

  • Raid: Deltascape V4.0 Savage (Weapons)
Step-by-Step Walkthrough
Stormblood Gear Guide
Stormblood Gearing Guide

With the removal of gear from PvP and Hunts, gearing up has become quite streamlined in Stormblood. You do have the option of picking up iLvl 320 crafted gear to bypass the initial grind, but it is expensive and unless there is a raid group waiting, it may not be worth the expense.

Ding! Lv. 70

As a fresh 70, your first task should be finishing up your class quests. The Lv. 70 quest will grant you a chest with a set of iLvl 290 Artifact Armor, which is a great start.

With Artifact Armor equiped, your next goal will be getting your iLvl up to 295 to unlock the Deltascape and start aquiring iLvl 320 gear. Start by doing the quests to unlock Kugane Castle and The Temple of the Fist, granting you access to the Expert Roulette. These dungeons will drop iLvl 300 gear, while the Tomestones of Verity can be used to purchase iLvl 310 gear. You will also be picking up Tomestones of Creation, a currency with a weekly cap used for iLvl 330 gear.

Each day you should complete the following:

  • Expert Roulette (140 Tomestones of Verity)
  • Level 50/60 Roulette (120 Tomestones of Verity)
  • Leveling Roulette (100 Tomestones of Verity)

If you wish to continue farming, these you can do Trial Roulette (60), Frontline Roulette (100), Specific Expert Dungeons (80), Frontline (50), or The Wolves' Den (20).

NOTE: While running these dungeons, you will also be aquiring Tomestones of Creation. I recommend saving these and buying chest armor, as the chest from Deltascape takes 4 weeks minimum, which is a bit unreasonable.

Unlocking the Deltascape (Requires iLvl 295)

With iLvl 295 reached, head over to Rhalgr's Reach and unlock Deltascape, a four part raid. You can receive a piece of loot from each part once per week. Make sure you re-run each section until you have a drop from each one. Some gear slots require multiple drops to finish a piece.  I recommend aiming for armor pieces, except for the chest, as accessories are more easily aquired in Lakshmi EX or Deltascape Savage later. The drops are as follows:

Deltascape V1.0

  • Deltascape Bolt (1 Bolt = Accessory)
  • Deltascape Pedal (2 Pedals = Feet)
  • Deltascape Chain (1 Chain = Belt)

Deltascape V2.0

  • Deltascape Bolt (1 Bolt = Accessory)
  • Deltascape Pedal (2 Pedals = Feet)
  • Deltascape Lens (2 Lens = Head)

Deltascape V3.0

  • Deltascape Lens (2 Lens = Head)
  • Deltascape Spring (4 Springs = Legs)
  • Deltascape Crank (2 Cranks = Hands)

Deltascape V4.0

  • Deltascape Spring (4 Springs = Legs)
  • Deltascape Crank (2 Cranks = Hands)
  • Deltascape Shaft (4 Shafts = Body)

For finish Deltascape Head, Hands, Belt, Legs, Feet, and Accessory x1 in three weeks, only roll on the following from Deltascape:

V1.0: Pedal x1, Bolt x1, Chain x1

V2.0: Pedal x1, Lens x2

V3.0: Crank x1, Spring x2

V4.0: Crank x1, Spring x2

Bring on the Trials! (Req. iLvl 300)

Once you have iLvl 300, Lakshmi Extreme is your next stop. She is significantly easier than Susano and will gear you up with a full set of iLvl 320 accessories. Once she is on farm, head over to Susano Extreme to dip into his cache of iLvl 320 weapons. Coupled with the Deltascape and Tomestone of Creation equipment, you should now be well prepared for the final challenge of patch 4.05.

Deltascape Savage (iLvl 320+ Recommended)

This is currently the most difficult content in Stormblood, but if you have been following this guide, you are more than prepared for it. To help you plan gear purchases, each Savage wing drops the following:

  • Deltascape V1.0 Savage: iLvl 340 Belt / Accessories
  • Deltascape V2.0 Savage: iLvl 340 Head / Hands / Boots
  • Deltascape V3.0 Savage: iLvl 340 Legs
  • Deltascape V4.0 Savage: iLvl 340 Chest & iLvl 345 Weapons

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