Haukke Manor Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: February 27th, 2014 [ Patch 2.1 ]
Haukke Manor
Overview & Summary
Haukke Manor Dungeon Guide

Dungeon Info

Level Location Size Time Limit
28 Central Shroud 4 Players 90 Minutes

In order to enter Haukke Manor, progress the main storyline up to the quest "Skeletons in Her Closet," which requires level 28.

Dungeon Maps

Haukke Manor Dungeon Map #1Haukke Manor Dungeon Map #3Haukke Manor Dungeon Map #3

While exploring Haukke Manor, you will find a number of tiny keys. A few are required to progress through the dungeon, with the rest of them allowing access to additional coffers.

In addition to the tiny keys, there are doors that require a specific key. These include the Ivy Gate (Green Key from the first boss), the Carnation Door (Yellow Key from the cell directly south), and the Sealed Barrier (Opened with Bloody Parchment from the 2nd boss.)


  • Always move out of Dark Mist on the Manor Maidservants, the first boss, and the final boss. It inflicts an unremoveable terror.

Manor Claviger

  • Face the boss away from the group and stay spread out.
  • Move out of both Void Fire II to avoid damage and Dark Mist to avoid the Terror debuff.

Manor Steward & Manor Jester

  • Use caution when using physical attacks against the Jester, due to damage being taken from Ice Spikes. Stop attacking if you get low.
  • Move out of Soul Drain to avoid healing the Manor Steward.

Lady Amandine

  • Tanks can move behind her to cancel her cast. Use this to greatly reduce the damage you take.
  • Everyone but the tank be ready to click the lamps in each corner of the room to disable the AoE Damage. Snare and kill the bombs that try to stop you.
  • At low HP, kill order is Lady's Handmaiden > Manor Sentry > Lady Amandine.
Manor Claviger
Boss Guide
Manor Claviger Boss Guide - Haukke Manor

Boss Abilities:

Manor Claviger's Abilities:

  • Sweet Steel - (Instant) A frontal cleave that deals ~200-300 damage.
  • Void Fire II - A spellcast that will throw a fireball at a random target.
  • Dark Mist - A circular AoE that will deal damage and inflict Terror.

To begin, the Manor Claviger uses a cleave ability called Sweet Steel. While the tank cannot avoid this, the boss should be faced away from the group to avoid any party members from taking excessive damage. The boss will also cast Void Fire II on a random party member, who will have a small amount of time to move to avoid taking fire damage.

The boss also has access to Dark Mist, the terror ability used by the Manor Maidservants. Everyone, including the tank, should move away or stun the boss.

Manor Steward & Manor Jester
Boss Guide
Manor Steward & Manor Jester Boss Guide - Haukke Manor

Boss Abilities:

Manor Steward's Abilities:

  • Hell Slash - (Instant) A melee strike that deals ~100-200 damage.
  • Soul Drain - A circular AoE that will drain health from targets and restore health to the Manor Steward.

Manor Jester's Abilities:

  • Blizzard - A spellcast that deals ~150 damage to the target.
  • Ice Spikes - A spellcast that grants the Manor Jester the buff Ice Spikes, causing it to reflect damage when hit by physical attacks.

The Manor Steward is a melee enemy which uses Soul Drain, which will steal health from any targets hit to heal the Steward, while the Manor Jester is a caster that keeps up Ice Spikes, which deal damage to physical attackers. Which to handle first will depend on your composition.

If you have mostly magical DPS, you can easily focus down the Manor Jester quickly. However, if you have only physical DPS, you may consider going after the Steward first. If you do opt to kill the Jester first with physical damage, stop attacking if you get low on health.

Also, regardless of which you kill first, everyone including the tank should move out of Soul Drain to avoid healing the Steward.

Lady Amandine
Boss Guide

Boss Abilities:Lady Amandine's Abilities:

  • Fire - A spellcast that deals ~80 Damage.
  • Void Fire III - A spellcast that deals ~200-300 damage around it's target.
  • Void Thunder III - A spellcast that deals ~400-500 damage to it's target.
  • Dark Mist - A circular AoE that deals 200-300 damage and inflicts terror.

Lady's Candle's Abilities:

  • Self-Destruct - A circular AoE that deals extremely high damage.

Lady's Handmaiden's Abilities:

  • Void Fire III - A spellcast that deals ~200-300 damage around it's target.

Manor Sentry's Abilities:

  • Stoneskin - A spellcast that protects the Manor Sentry from a small amount of damage.
  • Stone - A spellcast that deals ~80 damage.
  • Dread Gaze - A frontal cone that inflicts paralysis.

This boss should be tanked somewhere near the center of the room. Her primary attack on the tank is Void Thunder III, which can be avoided by moving behind Lady Amandine during the cast. This is extremely helpful later in the fight when there are adds inflicting heavy damage.The healer, and each of the DPS should be assigned to one corner of the room. One of the DPS, preferably a ranged, will have to handle two corners.Shortly after the pull, Lady Amandine will active Void Lamps in each corner of the room, which will pulse every few seconds, damaging everyone in the room. Each player, minus the tank, should be ready to run to their corner(s) and click the lamps to turn them off. I recommend briefly moving towards the middle to allow the healer to top you off before moving back to your corner to get ready for the next lamp.Bombs called Lady's Candle will also spawn the second time the lamps become active. These will attempt to interupt any players trying to put out the lamps. If you are near the corner, you should disable the lamp well before a bomb can interupt you. If not, quickly kill them while avoiding self-destruct.Lady Amandine also has the Dark Mist ability used by the first boss and the maidservants, which inflicts an unremoveable terror debuff.When the lady is low on health, two Lady's Handmaiden and a Manor Sentry will spawn. The Lady's Handmaidens are by far the most dangerous, as they chain cast Void Fire III, so spread out and focus on interupting/quickly killing them. Also, try to avoid the Manor Sentry's Dread Gaze. A limit break here is highly recommended.

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