Haukke Manor (Hard) Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: February 27th, 2014 [ Patch 2.1 ]
Haukke Manor (Hard)
Overview & Summary
Haukke Manor (Hard) Dungeon Guide

Dungeon Info

Level Location Size Time Limit
50 Central Shroud 4 Players 90 Minutes

Haukke Manor (Hard) requires you to have completed to main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon" and have an ilvl of 48+.  It is unlocked by completing the quest "Maniac Manor" from Lauriane @ X22, Y8 Mor Dhona.


  • The Manor Clavigers will attempt to cast Demonize. Stun/Silence it to avoid an Altered Wailer from being summoned.
  • Enemies are usually right on the other side of locked doors. Let the tanks open the doors and go in first.
  • Avoid AoEs from Manor Wardens (Frontal Cone on the tank) and Manor Sentries (Frontal Column on a random player).
  • After the first boss, in the hallway with purple energy blasts, there are two doors that have a purple wall in front of them. A group of adds will come out of each door, so don't rush to the end of the hallway.
  • After the second boss, there are 3 cells in the basement that have a group of enemies that will attack you when you pass the cell. Again, don't rush to the end of the hallway.

Manor Jester

  • Healer: Remove the Slow applied from Void Blizzard.
  • Kill the adds as they spawn.
  • Don't stand in the ice patches that are placed on the ground.
  • Near the end of the fight, ignore the Manor Steward (Large Skeleton) that spawns and use a LB to kill the boss. If it is alive too long, AoE heal through the damage from Nether Burst. (~1800 damage)


  • Tank: Position the boss near the middle of the room and face it away from the group.
  • Blue ground effects that fill most of the room will be going off frequently. To stand the best chance to avoid them all, stay near the middle of the room and move accordingly. These effects inflict Silence.
  • Spinning Scythes will also be summoned. These deal damage, knock you back, and inflict Heavy.
  • Around 25%, adds will start to spawn, which should be the DPS priority.
  • Also around 25%, Ash will start casting Paralyze on random party members. Remove it quickly.


  • Tank: Position the boss near the middle of the room, allowing DPS to quickly get to all of the adds.
  • Avoid Dark Mist (Circular AoE around the boss - Inflicts Terror), Void Fire II (Small circular AoE on a random player), and Void Fire IV (Large circular AoE on a random player).
  • Adds will spawn, which the boss will kill after a certain amount of time. This grants the boss certain buffs. The first add gives the boss silence/stun resistance, preventing interrupts for the remainder of the fight.
  • After an add is consumed, Blood Rain will hit the entire party. Get the adds as low as possible before she consumes them to lower the damage of Blood Rain. (Needs confirmation) The healer should try to pre-heal/shield before this goes off.
  • After all three sets of adds, around 15% HP, the party should spread out around the boss at near max casting range. She will use an unavoidable AoE charm which causes you to slowly walk towards her for a few seconds. During this time, she will cast Void Fire IV on a random player. As long as everyone was spread out and topped off, only one person should be hit. (There may be a better way to handle this)

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