Labyrinth of the Ancients Raid Guide

Last Updated: February 27th, 2014 [ Patch 2.1 ]
Crystal Tower: Labyrinth of the Ancients
Overview & Summary
Crystal Tower: Labyrinth of the Ancients Raid Guide

Raid Info

Level Location Size Time Limit
50 Mor Dhona 24 Players 120 Minutes

The Crystal Tower requires you to have completed to main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon" and have an ilvl of 50+.  It is unlocked by completing the questline started by the quest "Legacy of Allag." in Mor Dhona.

The Labyrinth of the Ancients has three wings, as well as a final boss once all three are cleared. Loot is awarded in the form of Chests A, B, and C at the end of each wing, with each chest being for a specific alliance. Once you receive a piece of loot from any boss, you will be unable to recieve any further loot from any boss in the raid for the rest of the week. It is very important to make sure you pass on any unwanted gear, as having it default to you will still use your one item per week allowance.

Left Path: Trash

  • Stand on the bright green tiles to avoid the toxic purple water, which rises periodically.
  • Tanks: Point Valefor's tail to the side of the room to avoid a powerful rear cone AoE from hitting the raid.
  • Healers: Cleanse disease (Reduces Healing Taken) from the tanks asap.

Left Path: Bone Dragon

  • As with the trash, try to stay on/near the bright green tiles to avoid the rising water.
  • One group should pick up the Bone Dragon and take it to the edge of the room.
  • The other two groups should pick up skeletons as they spawn in the middle of the room and pull them to one of the green tiles at an edge far away from the Bone Dragon. Once the skeletons are at the edge, DPS should finish them off. Only one skeleton should be on each tile.
  • When the Bone Dragon dies, all 6 skeletons will resurrect and start walking towards the Bone Dragon. All players should focus on killing them before they reach it. If they do, they'll explode and deal ~1500 damage to the entire raid.
  • Once the skeletons die, the Bone Dragon will revive and this phase will repeat itself.
  • After Bone Dragon's second death, Rotting Eye's will spawn instead of the skeletons. All DPS can focus down the Bone Dragon while the offtanks pick up all the eyes. They will despawn when the Bone Dragon is defeated for the 3rd and final time.

Right Path: Atomos

  • There are three paths. Each alliance should take one of them before pulling.
  • Both healers & two ranged DPS should stand on the glowing platform.
  • The tanks should pick up adds and tank them in range of the two ranged DPS.
  • The two extra DPS should focus on fighting Atomos.

Right Path: Thanatos

  • Each Alliance should guard one of the Magic Pots. These will occasionally grant the buff Astral Realignment to a random group and are important to keep alive. Healers should heal and stoneskin them.
  • If your group has the Astral Realignment buff, your character will appear transparent. This allows you to attack Thanatos, but lowers your damage to adds. Ignore the adds and focus on Thanatos.
  • If your group doesn't have Astral Realignment, ignore Thanatos and dps the adds.
  • Sandman will sometimes fixate on your Magic Pot. DPS it down and keep the Magic Pot healed.

Forward Path: Allagan Bomb

  • At the start of the fight, ignore the Allagan Bomb. Each alliance should pick up one of the Vassago and pull it to the edge of the room. Face it away from the group.
  • Ranged DPS should stand back from the Vassago. Everyone should be ready to dodge Desolation, a long column attack, which all three use at the same time.
  • Avoid the pools of fire that are placed randomly around the room.
  • In addition to the Vassago, there are two types of adds that spawn, Allagan Balloons and Allagan Napalm.
  • When an Allagan Balloon spawns, it will attempt to explode after a short period of time. All nearby DPS and a tank should kill it as quickly as possible.
  • When an Allagan Napalm spawns, it will slowly move towards the middle. Nearby DPS should switch and kill it before it reaches the middle.

Forward Path: King Behemoth

  • One tank should tank King Behemoth facing the edge of the room. This tank will need to dodge a frontal cone.
  • Another tank should be on standby to pick up the Iron Giant that spawns. It will spawn on the North side shortly after the pull, then on the East side after the first meteor, and on the south side after the 2nd meteor. This should be tanked on a different edge than KB, again facing away from the group. Do not have both of these tanks in the same group.
  • The remaining four tanks should each stand near one of the towers around the edges of the room and click on the tower when it starts to power up. As long as you watch your tower, you can assist in killing anything nearby.
  • Everyone else should stack in the middle of the room.
  • When a green icon appears above your head, run out of the group, away from any meteors that are already on the ground. Once the meteor lands on you, move back to the middle. Healers should cleanse the Burns debuff that is applied to the meteor target.
  • These meteors are damaged by the Iron Giants attack "Magitek Ray," which deals direct damage and appears to leave a DoT as well. This is why it is important to spread out the meteors.
  • All DPS should be on the Iron Giant while it is up. If a Puroboros (Bomb) group spawns in the middle, the ranged DPS should switch over to them until they're killed. Once both the Iron Giant and Bombs are killed, the DPS can attack King Behemoth.
  • When Behemoth rears up on his back legs and starts casting Ecliptic Meteor, hide behind one of the meteors that are on the ground. This attack will kill you if you're in line of sight of King Behemoth when it finishes casting.

Final Boss: Acheron

  • Before pulling, each party should take their place on one of the circular platforms, located on the East, West, and Southern edges of the room. You will need to return to this platform later in the fight.
  • Tank the boss where he is in the middle of the room, facing away from the group. Avoid Acheron's frontal cone "Moonfall Slash."
  • Many unique ground effects will be used during this encounter. Be prepared to dodge a lot of AoEs. Examples: Abyssal Slash, Vacuum Slash, and Megido Flame
  • Occasionally, an Iron Claw will spawn from the circle you started on and grab a nearby player. Each group should kill the Iron Claw on their side and then return to fighting Acheron.
  • Acheron will also use "Quake III," which deals unavoidable damage to everyone. Be prepared to AoE heal your group up.
  • When Acheron starts casting Ancient Flame, each group should run to their assigned circle. When Ancient Flame goes off, the room will be closed off by a wall of light and an Iron Giant will spawn for each group to kill. Face this away from the group (You don't have to stay in the circle). Once all three Iron Giants are defeated, move back to the middle.
  • As Acheron's HP gets lower, the ground effects cover more area and become much more difficult to avoid (Hundred Cuts / Vacuum Slash). Be nimble, be quick.

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