Red Mage Job Guide

Last Updated: August 5th, 2017 [ Patch 4.05 ]
Red Mage Guide
FFXIV Red Mage Job Guide

Red Mage is a hybrid caster which can consume Black & White Mana to enchant their blade, unleashing a flurry of melee strikes. While easily the most mobile caster in the game, Red Mage's rotation is based heavily around random procs.

Stat Priorities
Red Mage Guide
FFXIV Red Mage Job Guide

Red Mages currently gain the most benefit from stacking Direct Hit. While Critical Hit is lackluster right now, it may improve in later tiers when higher stat values are available.

Max Damage

  • Direct Hit
  • Determination
  • Spell Speed
  • Critical Hit
Role Abilities
Red Mage Guide
FFXIV Red Mage Job Guide

Caster role actions leave little room for choice. You will likely be using the same five abilities in almost all circumstances.

  • Lucid Dreaming: Mana Regeneration & Threat Reduction - This is your only way to regenerate mana and should be used on cooldown.
  • Swiftcast: Instant Cast - When you're a little short, this is great for generating some extra Black & White Mana. It can also be used for an emergency Verraise.
  • Diversion: Threat Reduction - Extra threat reduction helps the tanks focus more on damaging abilities and less on threat.
  • Mana Shift: Transfer MP - Become the healer's best friend and use this to feed them MP. It can also be used on a bard to extend the duration of Foe Requiem.
  • Addle: INT & MND Down - Useful for damage reduction on any Magical AoE or Tank Buster.

Other Role Abilities

Break & Drain do not have much use in a party environment.

Erase would be useful if it removed any debuff, but as it only removes a DoT, it is not useful enough to equip.

Surecast has a niche use in preventing knockback mechanics, such as on Omega V4.0 Savage. However, it will not be used most of the time.

Apocatastasis could be used to mitigate a magical tank buster, but it is extremely fight dependant. Addle is usually better suited for this role as it can also reduce AoE damage, thus making it far more flexible.

Red Mage Guide
FFXIV Red Mage Job Guide

Red Mage's rotation revolves around building Black & White Mana using your spells, followed by consuming the mana to enchant your blade and perform an enchanted melee combo.

Black & White Mana Generation

Black Mana is genereated using Verfire (9), Verthunder (11), and Verflare (21). White Mana is generated by Verstone (9), Veraero (11), and Verholy (21). Some spells, such as Jolt II (3) and Impact (4), generate both Mana equally.

Additionally, any spell that has a cast time will grant you Dualcast, making your next spell instant. This will always be used on Verthunder & Veraero to avoid the long cast times. To gain Dualcast, you will be casting Verfire or Verstone if you have the Verfire Ready or Verstone Ready procs. Otherwise, you will use Impact if you have the Impactful proc. Jolt II is the default spell to cast if nothing else is available.

While casting Jolt II, Impact, Verfire, or Verstone, always check your current mana levels. Your next instant spell will either be Verthunder, if black mana is low, or Veraero if white mana is low.

Your goal in this phase is to equally build up black & white mana. If one gets more than 30 points ahead of the other, mana generation is greatly slowed until the gap is reduced.

Enchanted Melee Combo

Once you reach 80 of both black & white mana, you will be able to perform an Enchanted Melee Combo. This opens with Enchanted Riposte, follows up with Enchanted Zwerchhau, and finishes with Enchanted Redoublement. While using this combo, you should always check if black or white mana is lower.

Upon using Enchanted Redoublement, you will gain access to Verflare and Verholy, which generate a massive amount of colored mana and can grant a Verfire or Verstone proc. Verflare should be used if black mana is lower and Verholy if white mana is lower.

Once either ability is used, you will loop back into the mana generation phase.

Single Target Rotation

  1. Start by casting Jolt II to gain Dualcast.
    • If you have a pull timer, instead use Acceleration and start casting Verthunder or Veraero 4-5 seconds before the pull based on spell speed.
  2. Using Dualcast, use either Verthunder or Veraero based on current Mana.
    • If Black Mana is lower, cast Verthunder.
    • If White Mana is lower, cast Veraero.
  3. If Verfire Ready or Verstone Ready are up, use the respective spell.
    • Cast Impact if neither are up and you have the Impactful buff.
      • Default to Jolt II if no procs.
  4. Using Dualcast, cast Verthunder or Veraero based current Mana.
    • Cast Verthunder if Black Mana is lower.
    • Cast Veraero if White Mana is lower.
  5. Repeat steps #3 & #4 until you have 40 of both Mana.
  6. Use Manafication once both Mana are between 40-50 to instantly jump to 80 Mana.
    • If Manafication is on cooldown, repeat steps #3 & #4 to 80 Mana.
  7. At 80 Mana, jump/move into melee and execute your Enchanted Melee Combo.
    • While performing the combo, again check which Mana is lower.
  8. Cast Verflare or Verholy, based on current Mana.
    • Cast Verflare if Black Mana is lower.
    • Cast Verholy if White Mana is lower.
  9. Repeat from step #3.

AoE Rotation (3+ Targets)

  1. Cast Scatter until you have 30 Black & White Mana.
  2. Use Enchanted Moulinet.

Off-Global Abilities

In both single target and AoE rotations, these abilities should be used on cooldown. Use them in between other abilities so you do not slow down your rotation.

  • Fleche
  • Contre Sixte

If movement abilities are not needed on the current fight, these should also be used on cooldown for maximum DPS. They should also be used if Manafication will be cast soon, as they will be reset upon using it.

  • Displacement
  • Corps-a-corps


Embolden should be used alongside the rest of the raid cooldowns. In some groups, this is immediately on the pull. In others with a lot of ramp up time, it may be used ~12 seconds into the pull. Your off-global abilities do not benefit from Embolden, so use them ASAP instead of waiting for Embolden.

Manafication should be used whenever you reach 40-50 Black & White and the cooldown is available.

Acceleration should be used on cooldown. It can also be paired with Swiftcast + Verthunder or Veraero to get a proc even though the spell did not have a cast time.

Lucid Dreaming should be used on cooldown to maintain your MP pool. Excess MP can be fed into others with Mana Shift.

Raid Support
Red Mage Guide
FFXIV Red Mage Job Guide

In addition to solid DPS, Red Mage also offers fantastic party support and can single-handily turn a wipe into a clear.


Dualcast coupled with Verraise can take a huge amount of pressure off the healers in learning groups. It allows the healers to keep their Swiftcast for emergency heals and saves them MP.

Mana Shift

In addition to saving healers MP with Verraise, you can directly feed it to them with Mana Shift. Whenever you use Lucid Dreaming and have extra MP, you can transfer it to a healer in need.

For optimal DPS, you can also Mana Shift a Bard shortly after the pull to help keep Foe Requiem up longer.

Addle (& Apocatastasis)

Whenever you know a high damage magical AoE is incoming, you can reduce the damage by using Addle ahead of time. If a magical tank buster is giving your group trouble, Apocatastasis could also be used. It's downside, however, is it only can affect one person.

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