The Aurum Vale Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: February 27th, 2014 [ Patch 2.1 ]
The Aurum Vale
Overview & Summary
The Aurum Vale Dungeon Guide

Dungeon Info

Level Location Size Time Limit
47 Coerthas Central Highlands 4 Players 90 Minutes

In order to unlock The Aurum Vale, grab the quest "Going for Gold" from your old friend Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay. I believe you have to complete his previous dungeon quests before he offers it.

Dungeon Maps

The Aurum Vale is full of yellow pools and gas geysers. While standing in the pools, you will suffer from Goldbite, a powerful DoT. Meanwhile, the gas geysers do not do damage and instead trigger a minor knockback. This can either push you into a yellow pool or, if you are speed running, into a trash pull.

Clearing this dungeon will reward 40 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.



  • Eat a morbol fruit at two stacks to remove the DoT.
  • Dodge Gold Dust, a large circular AoE targeting a random player.


  • When casting 100-Tonze Swipe, he will hold his mace with one hand. Run behind him to dodge the frontal.
  • When casting 100-Tonze Swing, he uses two hands. You should either stun him or run away to dodge the whirlwind.
  • Spread out so the beam attack Glower only hits a single target. Heal them up quickly and remove paralysis.
  • When the boss emotes "The Coincounter takes a moment to reconsider..." quickly run into melee to avoid Eye of the Beholder. You should try to stun this.

Miser's Mistress

  • Face the boss away from the group and dodge Bad Breath.
  • Eat a morbol fruit at 3 stacks of Burrs.
  • At 50% and 25%, quickly kill the Morbol Fruit (eggs) that is spawns around it. If any hatch, the seedlings are the top DPS priority.
Boss Guide
Locksmith Boss Guide - The Aurum Vale

Boss Abilities:

Locksmith's Abilities:

  • Hundred Lashings - (Instant) A melee strike which deals ~1200 damage.
  • Gold Rush - (Instant) Places a stacking DoT, Gold Lung, on all players. This can be removed by consuming a Morbol Fruit.
  • Gold Dust - A large, circular AoE on a random player which deals ~1200 damage.

When walking into the boss' chamber, you will notice Morbol Fruit along the walls. Each player should stand near one, as you will need to consume it during the fight. This fight is primarly a healer fight, with everyone else doing their best to avoid Gold Dust.

We choose to eat the Morbol Fruit right after the second stack of Gold Lung lands. The Morbol Fruit will always have respawned by this point, and it prevents anyone from being stuck at two stacks for a prolonged period of time with no fruit. The tank will have to time using the the fruit between Locksmith's melee swings.

This boss drops 4 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.

Boss Guide
Coincounter Boss Guide - The Aurum Vale

Boss Abilities:

Coincounter's Abilities:

  • 10-Tonze Swipe - (Instant) A frontal swipe, dealing ~1300-1400 damage.
  • 100-Tonze Swipe - A frontal swipe, dealing ~2400 damage.
  • 100-Tonze Swing - A 360 degree AoE, dealing 7500+ damage to nearby targets.
  • Glower - Coincounter selects a random player and shoots a beam along the floor, dealing ~1400-1700 damage and inflicting paralysis.
  • Eye of the Beholder - Deals ~1500 damage and inflicts Electrocution, a powerful DoT to all targets outside of melee range. It is used when Coincounter emotes "The Coincounter takes a moment to reconsider..."

Coincounter only has a few abilities, but each one can be deadly. He has two swings that the tank needs to avoid. If he only uses one hand, he will use 100-Tonze Swipe, a frontal cleave, so run through the boss to avoid it. However, if he grips the mace with both hands, either stun him or run away, as he will do a 100-Tonze Swing, dealing enough damage to kill even the tank. Neither version of this ability has a ground indicator.

Meanwhile, the ranged will frequently be targeted with Glower. Coincounter will select a random player and will shoot a beam at them. Everyone should be positioned so that the beam will only hit a single player. This, for example, is poor positioning. He will also cast Eye of the Beholder, which can easily kill you if not dodged. As soon as you see the emote "The Coincounter takes a moment to reconsider..." run into melee range of the boss. You should try to stun this, if possible. Once Eye of the Beholder goes off, it's important to move away quickly, as even 10-Tonze Swipe is extremely painful for a DPS or Healer.

This boss drops 8 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.

Miser's Mistress
Boss Guide
Miser's Mistress Boss Guide - The Aurum Vale

Boss Abilities:

Miser's Mistress' Abilities:

  • Vine Probe - A frontal column which deals ~1200-1400 damage.
  • Bad Breath - A frontal cone which inflicts Paralysis, Silence, Poison, Blind, Slow, Heavy, HP Penalty, and Determination Down.
  • Burr Burrow - Inflicts the stacking debuff Burrs and deals 400-600 damage per stack of Burrs already on the target.
  • Hooked Burrs - Targets a random player, dealing ~300 damage and adding one stack of Burrs.

Starting off, Miser's Mistress should be faced away from the group, both to avoid the cleaving attack Vine Probe and to avoid Bad Breath hitting the group. The tank should also be dodging Bad Breath, as that is too many debuffs to remove quickly.

Like Locksmith, this boss has a debuff, Burrs, which will need to be purged by consuming a morbol fruit. While there are more of them this time, they do not respawn nearly as often. We removed the Burrs stack every 3rd stack. This caused the Burr Burrow applying the 3rd stack to deal ~1100 damage, which was managable.

At 50% and 25%, Miser's Mistress will run to one part of the room and spawn five Morbol Fruit (The eggs) around it. These must be killed extremely quickly. As a WHM, I tossed in a Holy with Cleric Stance up to help out. If any hatch, the Morbol Seedlings will apply one stack of Burrs every melee swing and will cast Germinate to further stack it up. If any Seedlings do survive, kill them quickly.

This boss drops 28 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.

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