The Stone Vigil Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: February 27th, 2014 [ Patch 2.1 ]
The Stone Vigil
Overview & Summary
The Stone Vigil Dugeon Guide

Dungeon Info

Level Location Size Time Limit
41 Coerthas Central Highlands 4 Players 90 Minutes

In order to unlock Stone Vigil, progress the main storyline up to the quest "In Pursuit of the Past."

Dungeon Maps

The Stone Vigil Dungeon Map #1

At specific points throughout this dungeon, the Lesser Wyvern will fly straight down and use Blazing Trail, dealing ~600-700 damage to everyone in front of him. Whenever you find a spot where the wyvern is coming down, try to fight in a side room to avoid the breath.

Clearing this dungeon will reward 20 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.


  • Avoid ground indicator AoEs from Dravanian Outwalker, Dragon Aevis, and Carrier Ziz.
  • Use caution when traveling through hallways with icy windows on the right. There are three spots which will spawn Ice Sprites.
  • Do not fight in spots where the Lesser Wyvern comes down and breaths. It will continually breath you if you stay there too long.


  • Face Chudo-Yudo away, so the breath only hits the tank.
  • When the boss runs to a random location in the room, follow it and get on either side of it to avoid the large frontal, Swinge.
  • Below 50%, it will cast Swinge twice in a row.


  • Tank Koshchei in one of the front corners.
  • Tornados will spawn and move to where players are standing. Try to keep them from stacking up around the cannons.
  • When Isgebind flies up, click on the cannon that is facing her to stop her AoE.


  • Tank Isgebind near one of the walls, facing away from the group.
  • Run out of the ground indicator for Sheet of Ice.
  • When Isgebind flys into the air, move to one of these locations to have the best chance at dodging Cauterize.
  • Move out of the section of the room that glows light blue when Isgebind is in the air. She is about to frost breath the area with Cauterize.
  • Below 50%, she will fly into the air and fire Sheet of Ice at all party members twice before using Cauterize. Don't move into the middle too fast or you'll fill it with sheets of ice.
  • If you have to, it's better to run through a circle of ice on the ground to avoid Cauterize. The brief Frostbite will not hurt much.
Boss Guide
Chudo-Yudo Boss Guide - The Stone Vigil

Boss Abilities:

Chudo-Yudo's Abilities:

  • Rake - (Instant) A melee strike which deals ~300-400 damage.
  • Lion's Breath - A casted breath attack that deals ~900-1000 damage and inflicts Burn.
  • Swinge - A large frontal blast, dealing ~1100-1300 damage and inflicting Silence and Pacification for 5 seconds.

Mechanically, Chudo-Yudo is a simple fight, but Swinge can be brutal if you get hit too much. Face the boss away so only the tank eats Lion's Breath. I believe it's actually possible, if the tank is quick, to run through the boss and avoid Lion's Breath themselves. Everyone else should stand somewhere in the middle of the room. Every so often, Chudo-Yudo will run to one of the walls and charge up Swinge on a random player. Everyone should follow him to the wall and then stand on either side of him to avoid the frontal blast.

When Chudo-Yudo drops below 50%, he will start to cast Swinge twice in a row. At this point, after you avoid his first Swinge, be ready to move quickly again, as he will face a random player and attempt it again.

This boss drops 2 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.

Boss Guide
Koshchei Boss Guide - The Stone Vigil

Boss Abilities:

Koshchei's Abilities:

  • Collapse - (Instant) Koshchei slams it's body down, dealing ~300-400 damage to targets in front of it.
  • Spiked Tail - Inflicts poison on it's target.
  • Typhoon - Summons a tornado, which will slowly move towards a random party member. Touching the tornado will deal ~400 damage and inflict Windburn (A DoT).
  • Blazing Trail - A frontal cone, breathing anyone caught in it for ~1000 damage.

Isgebind's Abilities:

  • Snowfall - A blast of ice, dealing ~200-400 damage to all party members.

Koshchei should be tanked in one of the front corners, preventing Collapse and Blazing Trail from ever hitting anyone other than the tank. This positioning also gives the group the most flexibility with positioning the tornados spawned from the Typhoon ability. Multiple tornados can be up at once, so try to place them along the edges of the room to leave space to move.

At this point, you may notice the cannons lining the far wall. Isgebind will occasionally appear in front of one of these cannons and start casting Snowfall on the group until the cannon pointed at it is fired. From what I can tell, you will always take one Snowfall unless you are extremely fast. However, you shouldn't stand near the cannons until Isgebind is ready to be shot, as you will cover the area in Tornados, making it impossible to shoot the cannon without nearly killing yourself.

This boss drops 3 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.

Boss Guide
Isgebind Boss Guide - The Stone Vigil

Boss Abilities:

Isgebind's Abilities:

  • Frost Breath - A frontal breath which deals ~1300 damage.
  • Sheet of Ice - Isgebind targets a random player, spitting a frozen orb at the player, dealing ~800-900 damage and inflicting Paralysis. An ice ground effect is also placed on the ground, which inflicts Frostbite while you stand in it.
  • Cauterize - Isgebind will light up 1/3 of the room in a light blue. A few seconds later, she will fly over the area, frost breathing the entire area for ~1300 damage and inflicting Frostbite.
  • Touchdown - (Instant) After using Cauterize, Isgebind will crash into the ground on top of the tank, dealing ~300 damage to all nearby players.
  • Rime Wreath - A blast of ice hits all players for ~400-600 damage.

As with the previous bosses, Isgebind uses a frontal and should be faced away from the group. I recommend tanking her in one of the corners to keep the center of the room clear of patches of ice. Isgebind will cast Sheet of Ice on a random party member, placing a ground indicator below them. Try to place these closer to the walls and not out in the middle. She will also cast Rime Wreath, which will deal damage to all party members. By itself, this damage is not bad. However, if you get hit by Sheet of Ice just before this cast, you could be killed.

Throughout the fight, Isgebind will take flight, light up a third of the room with a blue glow, and then frost breath the entire section a few seconds later. This is why we want to keep the middle clear. While you don't want to be standing in the dead center, standing in one of these spots will give you the best chance at avoiding Cauterize. After Cauterize is cast, Isgebind will land on top of the tank, casting Touchdown. Melee DPS should wait for this before running back in.

When Isgebind takes flight while below 50% HP, she will fire off two volleys of Sheet of Ice on every player. Ideally, you'll drop these near the walls to keep the center clear. If some do end up in the middle, it's better to run through this effect than get hit by Cauterize.

This boss drops 15 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy.

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