The Sunken Temple of Qarn Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: February 27th, 2014 [ Patch 2.1 ]
The Sunken Temple of Qarn
Overview & Summary
The Sunken Temple of Qarn Dungeon Guide

Dungeon Info

Level Location Size Time Limit
35 Southern Thanalan 4 Players 90 Minutes

In order to enter Sunken Temple of Qarn, accept the quest "Braving New Depths" from Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay. While you can get the quest at level 32, you will be unable to enter Qarn until 35, unfortunately. This is an optional dungeon and not part of the main storyline.

Dungeon Maps

The Sunken Temple of Qarn Dungeon Map #1The Sunken Temple of Qarn Dungeon Map #2The Sunken Temple of Qarn Dungeon Map #3

As you travel through the ruins, you will find rooms with objects on pedestals. There are four in total, which include The Helm of Might, The Gem of Affluence, The Flame of Magic, and The Fruit of Knowledge. These will be required later in the dungeon to access most of Qarn's treasure coffers, so try to grab all of them. You will also encounter doors that can only be opened by killing a specific monster on a switch.


  • Make sure to grab The Helm of Might, The Gem of Affluence, The Flame of Magic, and the Fruit of Knowledge for extra treasure coffers later.
  • Temple Bees are top priority to kill. If they live too long, they'll use Final Sting.
  • A Qarn Facer will appear shortly after the Helm of Might. It will run away and reappear a few times during the dungeon. When killed, it drops a treasure coffer.
  • Kill the Stone Heads on switches to open doors and prevent them from reviving.


  • Avoid Mow (Poison) and Frightful Roar (Physical Vulnerability Up), both of which have ground indicators.
  • Dung Wespe are the highest DPS priority. They need to die quickly to avoid Final Sting instantly killing someone.
  • Mortal Ray will inflict Doom (Instant Kill after 12 seconds) on everyone. Step on the switch that is glowing orange to remove it.

Temple Guardian

  • Kill the Golem Soulstone first to allow the Temple Guardian to take full damage.
  • Dodge all the ground indicators. Most of these can kill you. ( True Grit / Boulder Clap / Rockslide )
  • Try to stay relatively close to the healer for AoE heals.


  • Dodge Darkness, a frontal cone.
  • The healer should remove Paralyze as often as possible.
  • Kill the Stone Heads on a switch to prevent them from reviving. These do not have to be tanked if killed quickly
  • Move off of blue beams before you take a laser to the face.
  • Kill Mythril Verge as quickly as possible. If it is surrounded by a black box, one DPS should step inside it to do full damage.
  • Enjoy the light-show around 30%. Don't get hit and keep killing Mythril Verge. Both DPS will have to kill one of the black box Mythril Verges near the end of the fight, as it will spawn two at the same time.
Boss Guide
Teratotaur Boss Guide - The Sunken Temple of Qarn

Boss Abilities:

Teratotaur's Abilities:

  • Mow - A frontal cone which inflicts poison.
  • Frightful Roar - A circular attack which inflicts Physical Vulnerability Up.
  • Mortal Ray - Places the Doom debuff on all party members. This will instantly kill you if not removed within 12 seconds.
  • Triclip - (Instant) An instant strike on the tank for ~500 damage.

Dung Wespe Abilities:

  • Final Sting - Deals an extremely high amount of damage to it's target. This ability is only used if the Dung Wespe has been alive too long. Interrupt this if they do get a chance to cast it.

The Teratotaur encounter contains multiple instant death mechanics, so each party member needs to be aware of their surroundings and avoid tunnel visioning. On the pull, Teratotaur should be tanked near the back switch, where the cement has cracked, facing away from the party to prevent Mow from hitting the group. The tank should dodge both Mow and Frightful Roar.

While dodging these two abilities, two Dung Wespe will occasionally spawn. If you are tanking near the back switch, they will spawn on top of you and should be easy to pick up. These should be quickly killed by everyone. If these are alive too long, they will attempt to Final Sting their target.

And, if that wasn't enough fun yet, Teratotaur will also start casting Mortal Ray, placing the Doom debuff on the entire party. Doom lasts 12 seconds, and will instantly kill you if it expires naturally. It can only be removed by stepping on the switch which has the corners glowing orange. To make this trickier, only one switch will be glowing at a time. While it could be a coincidence, I found that the switch that was glowing would change almost at the same time Mortal Ray is cast.

At this point, the fight gets hectic. Doom will start to be cast quite frequently, while the Wespe will keep spawning and need to be dealt with quickly.

Temple Guardian
Boss Guide
Temple Guardian Boss Guide - The Sunken Temple of Qarn

Boss Abilities:

Temple Guardian's Abilities:

  • True Grit - A frontal cone which deals moderate damage and inflicts blind.
  • Boulder Clap - A frontal cone which deals high damage.
  • Rockslide - A frontal column which deals high damage.
  • Obliterate - (Instant) Deals ~500-600 damage to the entire party.
  • Stone Skull - (Instant) Deals ~600 damage to a random player and stuns them briefly.

The Temple Guardian itself will take nearly no damage while the Golem Soulstone on it's chest is alive. Killing it will cause the Temple Guardian to become stunned for a long period of time and allow the healer to catch up on healing. After the stun, the Golem Soulstone will respawn and will need to be killed again. This repeats until the end of the fight.

Onto the abilities. The Temple Guardian will nearly always be using cast time abilities which have ground indicators. This includes True Grit, Boulder Clap, and Rockslide. Everyone should be dodging ALL of these. The healer will be busy with the unavoidable damage and will quickly fall behind if these aren't dodged.

To summarize, dodge everything, kill the Golem Soulstone first, and try to stay somewhat close to the healer so they can AoE heal.

The Scales of Judgement
Puzzle Guide
The Scales of Judgement Puzzle Guide - The Sunken Temple of Qarn

This is where The Helm of Might, The Gem of Affluence, The Flame of Magic, and the Fruit of Knowledge come into play. Each of the Pedestals has a small icon above the hole indicating which object should be placed into it. The helm is The Helm of Might, the strawberry is the Fruit of Knowledge, the diamond is the Gem of Affluence, and the fire is the Flame of Magic. Placing the correct object into the pedestal will open a hidden door, revealing a coffer.

A bit further in, and you will discover the Scales of Judgment. Choosing either the left pan or right pan will allow you to place any of the four objects on it. The clue to solve this is at the start of the dungeon. The Warden shows a flame on the left and a strawberry on the right. Replicate this with the Flame of Magic on the left pan and the Fruit of Knowledge on the right pan to spawn three treasure coffers.

Boss Guide
Adjudicator Boss Guide - The Sunken Temple of Qarn

Boss Abilities:

Adjudicator's Abilities:

  • Darkness - A frontal cone which deals ~700 damage.
  • Creeping Darkness - (Instant) Deals ~200-400 damage to the entire party.
  • Paralyze - Inflicts Paralysis on a random player. Either interupt this or have the healer Esuna it.

Mythril Verge's Abilities:

  • Verge Line - A directional attack on a random player. Step out of it before the laser fires.
  • Verge Pulse - A long cast that deals ~500-600 damage to the entire party.

The Adjudicator himself will cast a frontal cone ability called Darkness, which the tank should dodge. He will also cast Paralyze on a random player, which the healer should cleanse or, if you have a Scholar healer, the tank should stun the cast. While this is happening, Stone Heads called Sun Juror will spawn. Similar to the trash stone heads, these will revive unless killed on top of one of the switches. These do not have to be tanked, as long as they are killed quickly.

Another type of add, called a Mythril Verge, will also spawn. These are stationary and do not melee. Instead, their only attack is to draw a light blue beam through a random party member. A few seconds later, it will fire a laser in the same path, dealing heavy damage. Each Mythril Verge has low health and, ideally, should be killed by a DPS with strong burst.

Just when you start to feel comfortable with how the Mythril Verge works, it decides to screw with you. If it spawns with a large, black box around it, it will not fire the lasers. Instead, if will start Verge Pulse, a long cast which, if allowed to go off, will deal ~600 damage to the entire group. Not only that, but attacks will do reduced damage unless you are inside the black square, which will seal itself from entry when someone steps inside it. While this typically means only one person can go in, multiple players can enter if they run in at the same time. At least one DPS should quickly move inside when it spawns and kill it before it's cast goes off.

Around the time the Mythril Verge with black boxes start spawning, the Adjudicator will also start casting Creeping Darkness, which will deal unavoidable damage to the entire party. This makes Verge Pulse much deadlier if they start going off too frequently or at the same time.

The real fun starts when the boss is around 30% health. He will enter a soft enrage of sorts, spawning four Mythril Verge, which will fire lasers everywhere. These should be killed, unless the boss is almost dead. Also, when he spawns the Black Box Mythril Verge, he will spawn two instead. Both DPS will have to take one of these out.

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